MaxiDas Autel DS708 diagnostic tool

MaxiDas Autel DS708 (Autel DS708 Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis System)

  • The multifunction device can see live data, ECU programming and etc.
  • Large and extensive data base of cars (Asian – European vehicles)
  • Software updates can be easily carried out using Wi-Fi throughout the workshop
  • Key Coding functionality, Immobilizers & Component Activation testing

Autel is one of the fastest because of its growing and developing as well as it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional diagnostic tools, equipment and accessories for the automotive market. The company strives to create long-term value to customers all over the world to provide the highest quality, products that are most economical and innovative.

MaxiDas Autel DS708Autel DS708

Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis System

Autel DS708 is designed for the car dealers who have their own independent garages or simply for those who are in charge of cars. With this tool you can provide a complete service including the data stream, reading and clearing error codes and the various components of activation, immobilizer key coding and so on.

This tool has incredible features such as the radio on the newer cars which are VIN coded and this can reprogram a replacement to work. Anything newer than 2010 is getting very VIN specific and very detailed. Also, it is difficult to replace a part without a tool like this. A basic OBD 2 will not do the job anymore. It does what it needs to do and it does a very good job. There is another interesting feature of printing the recorded data via WiFi. If you have a printer that can be used in conjunction with Wi-Fi, this feature can be very useful to you.

Why you should buy it?

  • Professional tool for full service inspection
  • Supports Wi-Fi with which the device can be kept up to date and print recorded data
  • Contemporary OBDII functionalities-support ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 10 test modes


  • Not everyone can afford it because of its price. It is dedicated more for professionals or people who need something more than an error scan

See what think about it other users…

The only drawback of this tool is the price which is really worth it. So if you grudge this amount of money for an efficient, reliable and functional obd2 scanner MaxiDas DS708 you will not regret it.