Autel AL619 OBD II scanner

Autel AL619 AutoLink ABS/Air Bag + OBDII Scan Tool Review

Autel AL619Main information about the product:

  • It can be used with ALL 1996 and other newer vehicles
  • Reconcilable with Domestic, European and Asian vehicles
  • Identifies ABS/SRS system codes on main models that were created 1996 or later
  • Reads vehicle information (VIN, CIN, and CVN)
  • Recovers general (P0, P2, P3 and U0), producer particular (P1, P3 and U1) and pending codes
  • TF memory card for data backup and software update
  • Shuts off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) and ABS/SRS error lights, removes codes and sorts out monitors
  • Scans, collects and restores live PCM data stream and live sensor data

Why is this scanner useful for car owners

This scan tool can help you to easily identify why the ABS, SRS or Check Engine Light warning lights are on. This tool has features that are similar to AL609. Of course, this new tool has more advantages. It is better at SRS system diagnosis, code reading and clearing. It can be used for over 50 various car producers. Autel AL619 is a beneficial product for professionals.

What comes with the case:Autel AL619 Autolink

  • The scanner (It has a colorful screen, USB port, Micro SD slot, it comes with 4 GB micro SD card)
  • A manual
  • Software
  • Cable, which you can connect to to your car
  • USB cable

More functions:

  • Restores and clears codes in Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Restores and clears codes in Supplemental Restraint (Airbag) System (SRS)
  • Comprehends and deletes codes on all 1996 and newer domestic, European and Asian vehicles
  • Shows monitor and I/M preparation status (discharge)
  • Looks over Freeze Frame Data
  • Reads, collects, and playbacks Live PCM DataStream
  • Restores vehicle data (VIN,CIN and CVN)
  • Loquacious menu and code descriptions (English, Spanish, French)
  • Prints via PC
  • Internet Updatable
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Technical data

  • Brand name – Autel
  • Model – AL619
  • This Autel AL619 Scan Tool wighs 2 pounds, has a tension of 18 volts
  • Is not folding tool
  • Dimensions – 70.9 x 31.5 x 102.4 inches

This product like every other product has good and bad sides.

Why you should buy it?

  • It is a necessary product for professionals. Autel is an advanced developer so it makes professional and reliable tools that are reasonably priced.
  • Easy-to-use push button interface. You can easily read and clean Anti-lock brake system and supplemental restraint system codes. Description of each code is also showed so it helps to diagnose problems
  • It is inexpensive. This scanner works just like other scanners that are a lot more expensive. Great choice for those who want to save money and get a useful product
  • It has a great color screen
  • It does the operations quickly because its fast & easy to use scanning tool


  • Registrating to a scanner may take some time. You may spend up to one hour updating the software.
  • It is not easy to determine all the vehicles that it works with. You cannot really rely on the vehicle list. For example, it can be suitable for vehicles that are not on the list.

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Autel AL619 is a useful scanner at a reasonable price. It is suitable for everyone that have 1996 and newer vehicles. It can check ABS and SRS systems, read and clear codes and etc. This scanner saves your money and time because you can quickly check your car with it just by yourself. It quickly solves many car problems and leaves the owner satisfied.